Parking Near St John's Church in Northwood

St John's Church, Hallowell Road, Northwood HA6 1DN

You can normally find parking near St. John's Church as follows:

 Red - Parking only after 6:30pm

 Blue - You can park in residents areas or single yellow lines except between 1:00pm and 2:00pm

 Green - No Restrictions



Parking near Pinner Bridge Club

103 Marsh Road, Pinner HA5 5PA 

You can park in many of the side roads off of Eastcote Road, such as Holwell Place, Meadow Road, Ashridge Gardens or on Grove Avenue.  You may be able to find parking on any of the roads marked in pink below.

If you have a disabled blue badges you can park in Eastcote Road providing you are not causing an obstruction.

Please note that you can park in any Residents-Only Area, or single-yellow line area in Zone A, except between 11 am and 12 noon.  Click here for a map of Zone A.

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