Intermediate Bridge - 2020

There are no face-to-face bridge lessons at the moment, but Tony Staw is running intermediate Bridge Lessons Online.

The dates/times for the next lessons of the online bridge course are as follows: 


Monday 7:30-9:30pm

Thursday 2.00-4.00pm

Book Pages

Defence: 2nd Hand Play.  When declarer lead a suit, a defender should generally play 2nd Hand Low, but there are exceptions.




Declarer Play in No Trump: Further aspects of declarer play: Establishing Suits, Finessing and maintaining Entries




Declarer Play in Suit Contracts: Ruffing, establishing suits by ruffing and cross-ruffing.




Declarer play - Danger Hand Holding up, the Rule of Seven





It costs £10 per person to attend, and I will invoice you after the lesson.  You will be able to pay by bank transfer or Paypal.  More details can be found here 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I am sometimes asked about bridge lessons:

  • How long will it take me to learn bridge?

The beginners course consists of about 25 lessons plus another 6 practice sessions.  Most people are unable to attend every lesson so we do quite a bit of revision and recapping as we go.  Most of the time you will be learning by playing so you should enjoy yourself and be able to play right from the very first lesson.  This course will give you a good grounding in bridge.

  • Do I have to be good at mathematics?

No! The only mathematics you need is the ability to count.

  • Do I have to have a good memory?

No! you will find that as learn more about bridge, your memory for which cards have been played will improve automatically.

  • Do I need to sign up in advance?

No you just pay per lesson each time you attend.  The course book will be available to purchase at the first lesson.

  • Can I switch from the afternoon to the evening lesson and vice-versa?

Yes.  I give the same lesson twice each Thursday, so you can switch from one time to the other as you wish.

Contact me

Call Tony Staw on 020 8868 7205, email [email protected] or fill out this form to get in touch.

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