Handouts and Slides

Modern Acol Bidding

Link to my Modern Acol Bidding Book

YouTube Bridge Videos

Link to my YouTube Bridge Videos


Avoiding Unnecessary Slow Play 

Bridge Etiquette

Example Convention Cards

Hand Review Friday June 2019

Hand Review Tuesday June 2019

How should the vulnerability affect your bidding?

Stop, alerts and announcements 

Using Bridgebase




2 Club Opening and Responses

Bidding Principles

Bidding Opposite a Passed Hand

Blackwood: Use and Misuse

Competing against Weak Twos and Preempts


Delayed Support


Doubles: Reopening

Doubles and Overcalls

Double of an Artificially Bid Suit

Fourth Suit Forcing

Game Trial 3NT

Game Trial Major


Halmic (Defence to 1NT-X)

Interference over 1NT

Negative or Sputnik Doubles

Roman Key Card Blackwood

Roman Key Card Backwood Summary 


Responding to a Double (Suit and NT)

Responding to One of a Suit

Splinter Bids

Stayman Including Weak Responses

Transfers in Detail

Weak Twos 

Weak Twos (slides)


Declarer Play

Clues from the Bidding

Declarer Play at Trick 1 (2)

End Plays

Establish Suits Before Drawing Trumps

Establishing Suits by Ruffing (slides) (pdf)

Getting a helpful discard

Loser On Loser

Mistakes at Trick 1

Repeat Finesses 

Suit Combinations (1)



Active or Passive Defence

Attitude Signals

Lead of King vs NT

Leading Trumps

Leads and Signals

Rule of 11

Opening Leads: Types of Sequences

Overtaking and Unblocking

Suit Preference Signals Examples

Third Hand Play

Trump Promotion


Hand Records





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