Monday afternoon Gentle Duplicate at St John's, Hallowell Road, Northwood - April 2022

Face to Face Bridge is Back!

Face-to-face bridge has restarted on Mondays at St John’s in Northwood from 2:30-5:30pm. (£6 per person). This replaces the Monday afternoon online game. 

St John's Church, Hallowell Road, Northwood HA6 1DN. 

Please note you can park in residents’ areas or single yellow lines except between 1:00pm and 2:00pm.  Do not block any driveway.

You can attend with or without a partner and I will fill in if necessary.  The game will be in the Church itself (the Sanctuary), so enter by the front glass doors. 

Starting Monday June 6th there will also be a separate Supervised Game (£8 per person).

Face coverings are optional.  Please do not attend if you have any possible cold or covid symptoms. 

Online bridge will continue on Thursdays and Fridays (£3 per person) 

  • Thursdays – Pairs Game at 7:30pm on RealBridge.
  • Fridays  – Pairs Game at 2pm on RealBridge.   

I normally have a Zoom talk 1 hour before each game.  Please use the "Contact me" box if you are interested in playing in these games or attending the talk.


YouTube Bridge Videos

I now have over 100 videos on different aspects of bridge.  You can access all these videos on my Channel on

Please feel free to subscribe, tell your friends or give me a “thumbs up” or comment if you found a video useful. 

A number of people have kindly given me some very positive feedback about these:

  • Jerseyrab: Terrific Bridge teacher who teaches you how to play the cards, not just the conventions
  • none: Wonderful and clear examples as always! The most educational Bridge channel on here. Please keep the lessons coming!
  • nsl679: Thank you Tony. An old video which I rewatched today. It's packed with useful information and useful tips, like how to deal with opps having KQT and ducking. Many thanks
  • Jerseyrab: I discovered Tony's videos several months back, and in the last 3 months I have been really studying them, especially those that help me understand how to play the cards better. I am a much more confident Declarer now and very recently my EBU NGS grade has gone from 2 to 4, thanks to Tony. I am sure if I keep following Tony on Youtube I can get to 7 or 8 in the next 12 months.
  • nsl679: Another great lesson, Tony. Many thanks
  • Pinner bridge club? Amazing! I used to go there about 40 years ago

Hope you enjoy these, too.

Playing Bridge Online

There are a number of website offering the ability to play bridge online such as Bridge Club Live, Funbridge, Trickster and Bridge Base Online.

All the websites allow you to join as a guest, and just watch (kibbitz) for a while. 

Bridge Base Online (BBO) is probably one of the best.  Tony Staw has made a short video about the Acol Players' group on BBO and there is lots more information about this on 

You can also play in EBU games on Bridgebase Online (BBO) 

Finally, there is another article about playing bridge on your computer or mobile device on

What some of my students have said

"Learning bridge has transformed my social life!  How I wish I had learned earlier!  I now have a circle of friends who meet regularly to play (together with a glass or two of wine)"

"After my husband died last year, I am so glad I have now found this delightful but infuriating game, that gets me out of the house, and keeps my brain active"

"Tony has managed to make learning bridge really fun!"

Don't Lose Control of Trumps!



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Basic Acol Bidding Guide

Learn Minibridge

Get started with Bridge, by learning to play Minibridge

Contact me

If you interested in bridge lessons or have any other questions please call Tony Staw on 020 8868 7205, or fill out this form to get in touch.

Learn Minibridge

Get started with Bridge, by learning to play Minibridge

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